Block Information

Optimise Sheave to rope ratio

LEW_105mm_SynchroWith conventional blocks, one of the biggest losses in efficiency comes from the distortion of rope as it wraps around the sheave. Synchro blocks provide the optimum ratio between line size, sheave diameter and the interface between rope and sheave. The result is larger sheaves with a smaller axle than exist on conventional blocks.

To help ensure the benefit of design translate into improved performance, optimal line size are marked on sheave

The Swivel-Lock self aligning head

An innovative Swivel-Lock head self aligns to the angle of the line as it come into contact with the sheave. A precise degree of free rotational movement ensures the line load is in optimum alignment to the block.

The Free-Spin self-lubricating bearing

A high-tech composite bearing combines high compressive strength with an incredibly low coefficient of friction to deliver a free spinning sheave with enormous load capacity. The high density material, is self-lubricating for long lasting, trouble free performance